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Jeanette Hablewitz was born in Milwaukee, WI and raised in Chicago, IL. She earned her B.A. in Fine Art and Photography from Columbia College in Chicago as a merit scholarship recipient. Travelling the West Coast and living in California, she had many eclectic experiences that influenced her before moving to Maui in 1990. Now on Maui, she lives a creative life in the country with her two daughters. A prolific artist, Jeanette spends her days painting and creating a unique line of antique ethnic beaded jewelry. She also has an extensive body of poetry that she has written and collected for over twenty years.

In her work she strives to touch people's souls and communicate to them the exuberance of life that she feels when creating art. Her paintings range from figures to abstractions in a brilliant colorful style. Her jewelry is like small sculpture, each uniquely made of ancient beads that have been exchanged by many hands in a continuing process. Her poetry provides a language to express emotions and deepest feelings.

For the last fifteen years Jeanette has made a living as a professional artist and educator empowering children, youth and adults through art.

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